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Natalie Fox

Our Story

Natalie Fox is not my name.
Natalie Fox was my Grandma's name translated into English.
No matter what life threw at her, my grandma always showed up impeccably. My grandma believed that you should always present yourself the best you could. She dressed up for every occasion with perfect hair and with the most fun accessories. She was my inspiration growing up, she taught me to be independent and always take care of myself. Her loyalty to her family no matter what was admirable.
This is truly a family business. When I find myself flooded with orders, both my husband and kid step in to help. And I love that my kid is learning entrepreneurship by watching her mother build her business.

About Me

When I was 10 I would walk around looking like a Christmas tree, wearing every single piece of jewelry I owned. Jewelry has always inspired me. I love the beauty of the designs and how jewelry connects and uplifts people and sparks friendly conversation.

Jewelry that Empowers You 

◊ Natalie Fox is a jewelry line established by GIA trained metalsmith Diana Rochford. Our small company is dedicated to localized production and sourcing recycled metals, responsibly sourced wood and conflict free stones.

◊ Most pieces are made by hand, one at a time, with love & exquisite craftsmanship out of our Los Angeles Highland Park studio.

◊ Explore. Dream. Discover.◊ Mark Twain