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Earring Measurement Display | Simple

Earring Measurement Display | Simple

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Let customers know how long they can expect your earrings to be by displaying them in public. The displays are created from baltic birch and include a support system to allow them to stand upright. The component that holds the screens up is easily detachable for your convenience, so the displays will ship flat. Plenty of space is available at the top to add your own logo! To make it easier to reach the earrings being displayed, each earring display stand features two holes. Your earrings, which range in size from 1 to 5 inches, will be shown on this display stand in exquisite detail.

Key features:

  • The displays will be delivered flat.
  • Are made of baltic birch.
  • Consists of two holes.
  • There is plenty of room at the top.


  • Material: Baltic birch
  • Style: Trends
  • Item Type: Measurement Display
  • Product Name: Earring Measurement Display
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